Monday, April 2, 2012

Saints Cyril and Methodius, Polish National Church, Old North St. Louis

This relatively humble church rumored to be the third oldest continually operated church in the city, sits right on I-70 in Old North.
Not a part of the Roman Catholic Church, but a Polish-American breakoff, the congregation bought the church from the earlier Protestant congregation.
Consequently, what had been the front dais of the church was turned into the choir loft, and the rear of the church was sectioned off into three alcoves: the apse and two side chapels.
The building is in good condition, and I was welcomed warmly by members of the congregation, who were also selling their famous Polish donuts that Saturday.
Since the church is antebellum, its fixtures are rare and valuable, including this milk glass on the exterior window of the church. I particularly liked the griffin head below on a couch.
The stage curtain was handpainted by the congregation long ago, and it is still intact.

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