Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Falstaff Brewery Plant Two, Former Otto Stiefel/Union Brewery

There's not a whole lot left of Plant Two, other than a couple of periphery buildings. The central triangular block of brewery buildings were torn down decades ago for a parking lot, sadly typifying much of Gravois Avenue through the city.
There are a couple of reminders, however, such as the office entrance that still bears the name of the previous owner of the brewery, Otto Stiefel, who committed suicide in the wake of Prohibition.
This other building, facing Michigan, has the characteristics of the architecture of many other breweries in the city, so I suspect that it was also part of the brewery. The brewery is unique in that despite its age, it never possessed caves underneath, as most of the other breweries at the time did.
The Clowder House, a home for cats, was also a brewery building. I can only imagine the hustle and bustle that once filled these now empty streets as beer kegs and other supplies traveled back and forth between the brewery buildings.
Please visit this great Falstaff Beer site, where I learned most of my information about the old brewing company. Also, I want to thank Andrew Weil, director of the Landmarks Association of St. Louis, for additional information.

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