Friday, April 20, 2012

Grade School, Castle Point

I was actually impressed with the Castle Point neighborhood; it has stunning mature trees and overall well-maintained properties.
Unfortunately, the travails of the River Gardens School District is still always present.
This school was a religious school until last year, when it apparently when out of business.


  1. This school was named Thomas when it was a part of the RGSD. Also, this subdivision was Hathaway Manor, which was the nicer neighbor of Castle Point. East of Monarch was Castle Point, West of Monarch was Hathaway. Hathaway Manor had nicer, slightly newer ranch style houses, many of them at least partially brick. Castle Point proper was smaller, cracker-box houses as seen along the "Castle" streets; Lord, Earl, Duke, Count, Prince. I havent driven through the area recently, but in the 90's there was a distinct difference in the care and maintenance of property between the two neighboring areas.

    1. That makes sense, and corresponds with what my friend told me that grew up that way, though not in Castle Point proper. We saw the area wit the cracker-box houses, and it is BAD shape, mostly abandoned and for some reason we didn't take any pictures. Thanks for the info.


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