Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pevely Dairy, Coming Down

The Pevely Dairy complex is being torn down, though you might not necessarily see it from Grand.
In fact, the street facade is still perfectly preserved until SLU gets the necessary demolition permit, so perhaps there is still a chance they'll see the light.
The office building isn't the perfect urban building, but replacing the glass block windows with better windows would go a long way to making it look much better.
In the meantime, go enjoy the uniqueness of this structure, from the white bricks forming the Pevely name on the smokestack... the little patches of green terracotta high up on the parapet of the office building.
When the new Grand Bridge opens this year, commuters will not have to worry about any pesky buildings blocking sight lines at the corner, and can confidently fly around the corners with little worry of anything coming--certainly not pedestrians, other than the few unlucky souls who transfer buses at this most forlorn corner.

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