Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bartmer Avenue, West End

Tucked in the bend of Page Avenue are two blocks of stunning homes from the turn of the century. Laid out on curving streets like Compton Heights, Bartmer Avenue is a little rough around the edges now, but still filled with beautiful houses, including these two. I also realized I had been very close to this street several years ago, while exploring Chamberlain Avenue, but the blocked streets prevented its discovery until now.
The nearby Union Methodist Church owns the house above, and the church's guard, Derek, told us that a man once came and offered to buy the house itself and haul it away to another site. They declined.
Union Methodist is a stunning example of Modernist architecture, and look for a post in the future about this amazing building, perfectly intact for sixty years, at my colleague's site, B.E.L.T.

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  1. that church is GREAT, as is the little "castle" they own. Haven't explored old North, really


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