Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Please Come Out and Speak in Favor of Saving History

Dear Friends:

This coming Tuesday evening the Rock Hill Board of Aldermen will conduct a vote to determine whether or not they will allow the historic Rock Hill Presbyterian Church and historic Fairfax House to be moved onto City owned property at 827 N. Rock Hill Road. This is the very last option left open to save this historic structure from the wrecking ball.

If the City turns down the business plan that has been submitted by savetherockhillchurch the church will be torn down in just a matter of weeks. There are simply NO other options left as we could not find a lot in close proximity to where the church currently stands.

We are asking all who care about this incredibly important structure to turn out for this meeting to show their support in saving this very historic structure. You don't need to speak. Just sit in a chair. Your presence speaks volumes.

For further details please see our website at www.savetherockhillchurch.org

Board of Aldermen Meeting
Tuesday, Feb. 7th at 7PM
The Rock Hill City Hall
320 West Thornton
Rock Hill, MO 63119

Donia Dymek Hunter
Fairfax Restoration Inc.

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