Monday, October 3, 2011

Recent Photography in Hyde Park #1

I made it up to Hyde Park about a month ago around sunset, and I was rewarded with rich, warm hues on the brick of the houses.The neighborhood is surprisingly intact, if abandoned in many areas.What is most fascinating is to see how dense this neighborhood was at one point.Looking closely, you can see what was most likely a outside staircase that accessed the top floor apartment of this building. It looks pretty rickety now, but it demonstrates how people lived on top of each other in many St. Louis neighborhoods.


  1. Why not mention that you were there for City Affair, and that the event was highlighting how many buildings shown in your photographs are soon to receive high quality rehabs?

  2. I don't like to name drop without permission of the affected parties, and I am covering the rehabbing efforts tomorrow.

  3. Name drop? You mean promoting the organization that you're a part of?

    And I'm glad you're covering the rehabs - the post was kind of unnecessarily depressing without mentioning them.

    Great photos as always, though!


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