Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lake Charles Cemetery

Across the road from Oak Grove Cemetery is Lake Charles Cemetery, which could almost be seen as a foil to its long suffering neighbor to the south.Punctuated with a stunning entrance from the 1920's, the entire grounds are well maintained.They even have their own website that talks about the history of the cemetery.It's a little hard to get an idea of scale, but the gatehouse is three stories tall, and the cemetery's offices are carefully tucked into the central pier as well as above the two gateways.
In many ways, the gate reminds me vaguely of the old Vandeventer Place Gates which you can see in Forest Park.
The setting is idyllic, with swans swimming in the lake and rolling hills stretching out from the entrance.The flowers are beautiful as well; does anyone know what these flowers at the entrance are called?


  1. Looks like the flower might be Red cockscomb.

  2. I agree, one on right looks like a cockscomb. One on left looks like a canna.


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