Monday, October 10, 2011

Oak Grove Cemetery Mausoleum

One of the more unique buildings I have ever photographed is the Oak Grove Mausoleum on St. Charles Rock Road.It's been in the news recently, mostly for the wrong reasons. Watch the Channel 4 piece on the cemetery's woes here.Described as Byzantine Revival in the Landmarks Association's 2011 Most Endangered List, I would call it more of a Renaissance/Neoclassical Eclectic Revival, a term I just created.The lion above is a great example of the sculpture at the mausoleum; it is not strictly Neoclassical, but perhaps showing a little influence of Disney.The front portal is clearly influenced by Michelangelo's New Sacristy, which you can see here.The entrance was locked, in response to vandalism and theft from the mausoleum. The interior can be viewed here.The windows are beautiful, but are best viewed from the interior where the sunlight would stream through them.The porte cochere is under the front steps, and would have provided a dry entrance during the rain.
The back is ornamented as well, but is largely hidden from view by tall weeds and a stone wall.The care of a mausoleum and cemetery is one of the most sensitive jobs in the country, and I can only imagine the expense of maintaining this mausoleum and cemetery.

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