Saturday, September 3, 2011

Virginia Theater, Still Sitting Empty


  1. The sad thing is, the Virginia Theater is featured prominently in the Wehrenberg Theatres intro that plays between movie trailers and the feature presentation. It's where Wehrenberg shows its proud history, which consists of leaving behind majestic and historic urban theaters to build look-a-like big boxes in the suburbs. Now, I can't blame them for riding the same wave as other theater owners, but their wholesale abandonment of the City of St. Louis is a bit sad.

    As for the Virginia Theater, it could be a great space on a great street once again. Unfortunately, though, I have noticed the area getting worse rather than better in recent years. And I live in it. Yes, there are success stories like Iron Barley, but sadly, I think the Virginia Theater and the street for which it is named will remain untapped potential for the foreseeable future. Hopefully the potential of the theater and street can someday be realized.

  2. Aww the wonderful place where parents walked their families to the Sat. shows..a short, a feature, a serial, & a cartoon for .25cents. The place for a date as a teen. Across the street where the terrible Dentist pulled, poked, and filled the family teeth. The street lined with flower beds and wonderful memories. It is said u can never go back except in ur memories..they live within mine! Thank you!


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