Monday, April 18, 2011

Tyler-Coleman Cemetery

I found an old cemetery out in Babler State Park; dating from the early 19th Century to the mid 20th, it represents a broad cross-section of different types of grave markers over the last two centuries. It also reminds us that the area has been settled for much longer than it sometimes seems.


  1. Tom Maher-KirkwoodApril 18, 2011 at 1:45 PM

    Thanks! I recall seeing this cemetery when I was first there with the Boy Scouts in the VERY early 1950s. Funny - it was before one of the persons whose grave is there died. I noticed this same gentleman lived from 1843 until 1954. What experiences he must have had! He was old enough to have served in the Civil War - and lived to see the Korean War. From whale oil lamps to television.

  2. St. Louis county is littered with old burial grounds which turn up in back yards and other surprising places. Thank you for showing this.

  3. Nice photos (of buildings, too, but I'm fond of old cemeteries). Out wandering near Gumbo a number of years ago I started walking through a little, OLD cemetery- til the ground over the graves started to give way... just a little unnerving...


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