Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More Chouteau's Landing

I love Chouteau's Landing, largely because it is still so gritty and undisturbed by rehabilitation.Unlike Laclede's Landing, the area is largely not scarred by huge parking lots that make its northern neighbor largely gone.I can imagine this street lined with sidewalks cafes, or maybe just a shady place to walk in the evening during the summer.This long building seen below in the two pictures, would make a great supermarket; in Baltimore, I used to shop at a store built in an old textile mill.The ice was managing to hide among the tall buildings standing in this area.I have no idea what this large cement box is, but I assume windows could be cut in it, providing for more apartments or exhibition space.


  1. Nice photos. I have always thought this area has great potential!

  2. The G.S. Robins building photos above (long building) is the world HQ of that company, which is a big player in chemical distribution; it's been around since the early 1920s. I don't think it will be vacating the premises any time soon... It also has a facility across the river which was cited by OSHA.


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