Friday, February 18, 2011

Marine Villa, South of Broadway

Marine Villa technically goes all the way to Cherokee, but the bulk of it sits right up against I-55 southeast of Broadway. The housing stock is interesting, and similar to nearby Benton Park. There is some in-fill, as these 1950's apartments attest.Up ahead you can see a house that was featured on Bad Mansard, sitting at the top of a ridge line.Nce, solid rowhouses sit along the streets, giving a rhythm to the streetscape.The house above appears to be a bit older than the rest of the houses, and may have been one of the earlier houses in the neighborhood. Below, this stately mansion sits close to Broadway.

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  1. The Broadway you have been mention on this post is really great..i have been there for several time with my uncle....that's a really great place for hangout


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