Thursday, December 16, 2010

Near North Riverfront

I can't believe how much potential lives in the area just north of Laclede's Landing. Beautiful, relatively stable warehouses await adaptive reuse, but with the economy in the tank, I am afraid that this will take some time.I'm more worried about the casino wanting these buildings torn down so none of their faint-hearted patrons might have to endure the sight of an abandoned building, as has already doomed the cold storage warehouse torn down two years ago.With the departure of Sligo Steel, the area grows even more desolate.

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  1. At one time, St. Louis ruled with hardware companies; we supplied the West.
    The first photo was of a long-time vendor, Shapleigh Hardware, which was one of THE largest here. The father of a neighbor boy worked there before and long after WWII as a gunsmith. That place was a wholesaler for everything you could imagine.
    The photo shown was just one of a number of buildings Shapleigh had here.
    An early history is here:
    and a further pdf is here:
    The company passed in 1960, I believe.


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