Friday, December 17, 2010

Church, Maeystown, Illinois

I don't know much about this historic church in Maeystown, Illinois, but it's set on a beautiful location, high above the town.The columns on the interior came from the Pullis Brothers foundry in St. Louis, near where Purina is now.


  1. St. John's Evangelical Church (Lutheran). Nice artglass. There is a Lutheran church in Benton Park that still retains the German lettering, too. Pretty small, blink and you may miss it. Sorry that I can't remember the street.

  2. Actually this church is in a spot in the road called Wartburg, however, the road it is on is called "Maeystown Road". It is a Missouri Synod Lutheran Church - many of my relatives attended here. It it small quaint and very beautiful inside. They still hold services in German on Christmas Eve.

  3. This is definitely on Franklin Street in Maeystown; the church sits up on a hill above most of the town.


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