Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Driving Manchester Road

I originally had the idea of driving the whole length of Chouteau Ave/Manchester Ave/Manchester Road all the way out to Gray's Summit, but I got so annoyed at the traffic and absolute monotony of the drive, that I bailed at Geyer Road and drove by the old church Eli Lovejoy preached at. Below is my chronicle, though some of the pictures further out are hazy because everything was literally looking identical.Manchester Avenue in the Grove.
Manchester Avenue at Kingshighway.Manchester Avenue around Macklind.
Manchester Avenue around St. Louis Marketplace in Dogtown.Manchester Avenue at McCausland.Manchester Road at Hanley.Manchester Road somewhere in Rock Hill or Kirkwood.

Amazing how one street can change so much.

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  1. The photo identified as "Rock Hill or Kirkwood" is Glendale, just West of Sappington Road. Actually, the left side of the photo is Glendale and the right side is Warson Woods.


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