Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hampden Mill Houses, Jones Falls Valley, Baltimore

Surrounding the mills of Woodberry and Hampden are the workers' cottages, where the manpower that labored all day would stroll home in a five minute walk.A novel idea, isn't it? Walking home from work in less than five minutes, and having all of your needs within a walk of the same time frame. If you needed to, you could take the train down the Jones Falls to downtown Baltimore.The rock houses are the most distinctive structures, sharing a party wall and spacious side yards, something uncommon in the rowhouse-dominated city of Baltimore.
Free standing houses not designed to be rowhouses are very rare in Baltimore; it must have been a pleasant life north of Baltimore in the Nineteenth Century, with yards that most Baltimore residents would envy available to the everyday mill worker.This church is straight out of the British Isles, and one could imagine the Irish accented voices walking through the streets to this house of worship. See it from the air here.

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