Monday, October 12, 2009

Further South on the Jones Falls, Baltimore: Mount Vernon Mill #1

The great irony of the Jones Falls Valley, once bustling with activity, is now relatively quiet, with its main artery, Falls Road, a quiet, well-kept secret for getting from Hampden to downtown Baltimore. It is a popular place to go for a peaceful ride through the heart of the city.
Mount Vernon Mill #1 was one of the original mills on the Jones Falls in the mid-Nineteenth Century. The company's website has pictures of the mill here.
Here is a bird's eye view of the mill from the air, in a spot where the Jones Falls Expressway did not destroy the river.Above is the meeting house, presumably, for the mill's workers, or perhaps it was a school for the town that grew up around the mill.Heading up a staircase, the visitor arrives at the original rubble construction houses for the mill workers. Like further up the river at the Clipper or Meadow Mills, the houses boast large lots compared to most of Baltimore, befitting their once rural nature.

The streets are narrow, parking must be a nightmare, but the feeling of a close-knit community is palatable. It must truly a peaceful place to live in the heart of Baltimore.This last house looks to have been the supervisor's house, or perhaps a tavern or hotel for the mill town.Here is the old fire insurance map for the area, with the helpful labels, courtesy of Baltimore Ghosts.

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