Friday, October 16, 2009

Bolton Hill, Baltimore

Once one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the city, Bolton Hill is located on a diagonal street grid northwest of downtown Baltimore. Even the wealthy neighborhoods were rowhouses, though several large boulevards dominate the area to this day. See it from the air here.


  1. Gorgeous. So Baltimore. I have to make it there some time.

  2. Hi Chris,
    Thanks! Bolton Hill is beautiful! That’s where the Cone Sisters (Picasso’s biggest fans) lived. Next time you're in town, check out Reservoir Hill. It has the most spectacular collection of Victorian town homes.

  3. Ah, we almost made it to Reservoir Hill. Is the house with the turret the Cone House?

  4. Actually, now that I'm looking at the photos again, I think the one of the white apartment building above the trees is the building, but from the back. They lived in the Marlborough Apartments 1701 Eutaw Place. I didn't look at your earlier posts before. You took some really wonderful photos. Thank you for exploring the unique places of Baltimore. Most people come to town to see Fells Point and Federal Hill even though our city is so much more.

    There's a really great book called "The Baltimore Rowhouse" by Mary Hayward and Charles Belfoure that gives a complete history of Baltimore City architecture.

  5. That is the back of that amazing apartment building. Also, I have seen that great book on rowhouses in Baltimore--basically a story of the city itself.

    Do you live there?

  6. Yes, yes I live in Baltimore City. I used to live in Bolton Hill, then Resrvoir Hill. My favorite neighborhood that I've lived in was Remington, except when they roped off the streets to film parts of Ace of Cakes. Now I live in Greektown which is mostly awesome because it is so quiet, affordable and convenient.


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