Friday, March 14, 2008

A Pasture?

This the infamous section of St. Louis Place where there is literally nothing left of the city that once existed here. Easily thousands of people once lived in the confines of these long blocks and now there is nothing.Here is an aerial view of the area along 23rd Street.It's hard tell that you're actually in the city here, and it looks more like you're out in the country.This area is often featured in articles about the ailing North Side--rightfully or wrongly--with the skyscrapers of Downtown not far away, at least geographically.


  1. We can start filling these empty blocks with proposals that enable April F-G to visualize hte possible. Actual ownership of individual lots or buildings is not important, but rather patching the holes in this historic fabric at the neighborhood scale. The Pruitt-Igoe site alone could reap huge benefit for St. Louis Place (above Cass to the north of P-I)

  2. I have to admit that no one is interested in developing on these blocks; it's a blank slate.


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