Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Blairmont on Knapp Street

Knapp Street in Old North St. Louis is a short, two block long street that is barricaded with Schoemehl Pots on the north end, effectively rendering the street highly isolated. The following houses appear to be abandoned, and the first is 3248.These two small houses, which could be very, very old, sit further south on the street at 3240 and 3242.This heavily damaged and deteriorating hulk set far back from the street is 3261.
I felt bad photographing this street, as an elderly woman came out and was looking at me, as her two dogs barked at me. I don't blame her suspicion of outsiders in the neighborhood; in my experience outsiders are usually to blame for crime in other people's neighborhoods. I can only imagine what unethical action she thought I was engaging in, photographing what appear to be just four more abandoned, neglected buildings in the city.


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  2. I lived on Knapp Street in the late sixties when I was a little boy. The lawns where green and the hedges neatly trimmed. I remember cobblestones, the sidewalk or the street was made of cobblestone. There was a store on the corner where I bought penny candy after a day of school at Aames. On Summer evenings we children caught fireflies in the street that smelled of honeysuckle. I learned to ride a bike on that street. I've enjoyed looking at these photos. Thank you.


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