Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Gate District

The Gate District, or as some people call it now, Lafayette Square West is one of those areas that doesn't quite fit into North or South St. Louis. Sandwiched between two major interstates, the area saw intense demolition decades ago, and now is a strange pastiche of new-urbanist and historic housing. A surprisingly large number of original buildings survive in the area.Below is a corner store, with a distinctive sign still attached to the outside.Below is an interesting asymmetrical double archway.The house below has been for sale for a long time, probably because it needs a complete overhaul.Here is another great example of the storefront architecture in the area.Is the Gate District a great example of urban renewal, or a complete disaster? Emotions seem to run high over the debate of whether the Gate District is legitimate urbanist renewal, or merely an impostor. The bird's eye view gives a great view of the contrasting centuries of construction.

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