Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Patina on Just One House, Lewis Place Neighborhood

This is just one humble house on just another street in St. Louis, but just looking at the outside raises numerous questions, and wonder at how many stories it could tell. When did the porch get put in? When did the fake stone go up? When were the doors replaced? When was it abandoned? Who first built it?


  1. Similar questions often come to mind as I look at some of the houses I pass as I ride around the City. So, much life has these places seen. And, oh so many memories are completely erased if they disappear. Interesting isn't it how sometimes the questions are tastier than the answers?

  2. that house looks awesome. I wish I had enough money to buy and rehabilitate these house. Buy the house, check it's history and all the cool stuff and then sell it.


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