Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fountain Park and Lewis Place North of Page

The area between Page Avenue and MLK Drive is a long suffering counterpoint to the better preserved areas to the south. This lone wood frame house is probably one of hte oldest houses on the block, built before the city came out this far.
Here and there, a few houses are left, and they're owned by fiercely proud people, several of who I had the opportunity to talk to while I was in the area touring the tornado damage last year.
Vacant lots, some with freshly planted grass, show that there has been substantial loss to the built environment. At what point does it become so degraded that everyone moves out? I've seen completely abandoned blocks further into the city.
But the good news is that the majestic church down the block serves as a reminder of what had been, and what can be here again. Well maintained and occupied, it's the type of structure that can anchor the revived neighborhood.

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