Friday, December 30, 2011

Old Stone Building, Lafayette Square

I learned of the existence of a very old stone house on a side street in Lafayette Square, predating the platting of the area in the 19th Century.
You can see it in the Sanborn maps, and its clear orientation against the street grid that was laid out by the city when it began to take over the common fields south of the city.
This building is in bad, bad shape, whatever its original use was. I suspect it might have been a farmhouse or other outbuilding in the Adams-Motard Farm, but I can't find much information about this angle.
One wall has collapsed, and the rest of the building is not in very good shape.
I wonder what the long term plans are for this building; there used to be a brick building next door, but it was torn down recently. Hopefully it can be restored, and the neighborhood near and can move from industrial to residential.
Does anyone know more about this building?


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  2. Sounds like a good question for Landmarks Association or Preservation Research Office!

  3. Thanks for the info and pictures of this quirky early St. Louis structure! -A.T.


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