Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Crunden Martin Fire

Ironically, as I was photographing this building to document its post-fire condition, a new fire was already smoldering deep inside the old Crunden-Martin building. Reports that homeless people may have accidentally started the fire with wood provided by charities remain unsubstantiated, and certainly the fire would have destroyed evidence of their presence.
I have covered Chouteau's Landing frequently in the past, and in light of my look at the Cupples Warehouses last week, I see some similarities, with obvious differences in time. Chouteau's Landing actually still possessed many working factories at a time when Laclede's Landings was being redeveloped, and while the Cupples buildings were sitting empty and neglected. Fortunes have turned, and I hope this amazing area of the city can be saved before any more buildings are lost.
A few year's back, there was a beautiful proposal for redevelopment, but it appears to have gone nowhere.

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