Monday, May 23, 2011

Pruitt-Igoe Nature Preserve

I'm not sure what the plan is for the Pruitt-Igoe site, other than there the plan is to have no plan.While tentatively part of the Northside development, there has been little movement on that project, so the site is left to bud and blossom for yet another summer.The old roads that cut through the housing project are still here, and they create alleyways of trees that are slowly being subsumed by nature.It would be interesting to study the plant life of the site, right in the middle of the city.


  1. I don't think anything qill bu built on the Pruitt-Igoe site for a long time. The foundations of the old high-rises are still there, buried. Without some sort of gov't subsidy, it would be very expensive to remove the foundations and prep the site for re-use.

  2. Another huge problem is the tens of thousands of tons of broken up concrete and other demolition debris the city dumped on the site over the last thirty years.


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