Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dead Subdivision

Where do subdivisions go when they die? Or more accurately, where do subdivisions go that never get off the ground in the first place?Only two houses were built in this subdivision, off of Crescent Road in southwest St. Louis County, before building stopped dead.Did we really have to destroy a little bit more of our natural or agricultural environment, considering the subdivision was obviously a bad idea?

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  1. Not only natural or agricultural, but historical too. "Crescent" or "Bunkum" was a sister town to Glencoe, being just across the river. Prior too that the area was mined by Native Americans for it's richness in flint.

    Now the area is covered in golf courses and subdivisions.

    It would seem that West Countians are never happier than when obliterating history. In many other areas we can often blame developers, lack of funding or indifference. But West Countians destroy with the most thoughtless abandon. Property owners often destroy historical structures which are fully intact! I recently drove through this and other areas in West County (where I grew up), the destruction of old landmarks and natural areas is truly sad.


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