Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cragwold, Revisited

One of my most popular posts concerned Cragwold, the estate of Edwin Lemp on the bluffs above the Meramec River. I went back and got a couple of new pictures this last weekend.


  1. Funnily enough, I was at the Estate yesterday - though I didn't actually know the history of the place before I got there and didn't take any kind of "tour" since it was late at night.

    I will say that the current owners are incredibly nice, gracious people. Hopefully I can go back at some point and see it in the daytime!

  2. Oh God, I would love to see the inside of this house, badly. You don't think they would be interested in giving me a tour, would they? I would only say nice things about the house.

  3. Chris V. - It's funny to see these blogs about this house... I am a pretty close family friend of the owners. As Adam said, they are VERY down to earth kind people. When I was younger, we had many a sleepover there. We'd all sleep in the huge main middle room of the house. - They are actually in the middle of doing some major renovations... I would wait till after they're finished to try and get a tour. It is supposed be more like it was when the house was built. Right now it has some major 70s style to it. I'm not sure how they feel about random request for tours, though... (By the way... we, in middle school, call the Look-out tour the Make-out Tour) I wonder if we've met, Adam?? I'm assuming you're a friend of LM?

  4. I'm very patient, so if the owners at some point, even years from now, would let me take a peak, I would be most grateful.


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