Monday, September 28, 2009

Town and Country Historic Barn

This cool historic barn is out at the corner of Mason and Clayton Roads. Note the ax hewn beams on the interior; the exterior is obviously newer.


  1. I'm in love with the remaining evidence of West County farm life!! Too cool.

    There's a little farm house and barn at the corner of Henry/Schoettler and Clayton that I just know will sadly disappear some day. As for now, the owner (who I assume has been there a super long time) has a gorgeous garden and flowers!!

  2. Click on the "West County" tag for more pictures of old farmhouses.

  3. Ok, first of all... your post on the Chesterfield Commons is cracking me up!!! ha ha.

    Digging the Centaur house, as well. Didn't know about that one?!

    Liked to see the Bacon log cabin in one of your posts. It's in my neighborhood, and I often take the kids up there to explore the little grounds. I am one of those living in West County only for the schools, with my heart 15 miles east. =( Regardless, the historical buildings like these scattered around keep an older home lover like myself sane ;)

  4. And yes, they are always doing work on the cabin... none of it historically appropriate. It's sad. Not asphalt shingles, but still... it took them all of an afternoon to whip it on?! Horrible.


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