Sunday, September 13, 2009

Request for More Information

A reader of St. Louis Patina is looking for someone who posted on the Lemp Mansion a while back, and if that reader is still enjoying my blog, if he could contact me, that would be cool. The original message that elicited interest:

"I had a Great Uncle, George Coombes, who had a thriving camp called "Ivanhoe Lodge" near Geyer and Cragwold until lightning took the main lodge and the highway took the rest. The camp was "out in the country" and the children were actually picked up and dropped off each day by coach.

"All that remains of the camp are a buffalo and elk head that once hung in the main lodge (quite a site), and scores of old film.

"This discussion has prompted me to view this old film (it should be interesting to view film of this specific area not seen in over 60 years- I look forward to playing around with the old projector).

"Maybe it will shed some light on the history of such a rich historic area.
January 10, 2009 11:20 PM"

Here is the original post, In Search of Cragwold.

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