Friday, August 21, 2009

Illegal Dumping, Tower Grove East

My little illegal dumpers are growing up so fast; now they take off the door of the refrigerator before illegally dumping it in my alley. Pretty soon they'll be applying for college and leaving the nest.


  1. When is bulk pick up day for your alley? The city will take refrigerators, and you are supposed to take off the door and leave the refrigerator next to the dumpster in the alley. This looks more like someone getting ready for bulk pick up than dumping illegally.

  2. No you're right, it was the night before bulk pickup day, but in the past they had been dumping them 2-3 weeks before bulk pickup day and leaving the door on. I know who it is because I recognize the garbage.

  3. Fence looks nice. I had a problem with this a few years ago where people would dump bags of leaves and once, an interior door, in the alley behind my house. The city issued me a blight notice about it once, which was how I found out the stuff was even back there.


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