Friday, August 28, 2009

Brick Theft Alive and Well in St. Louis Place

I was driving around up by my favorite church, and wandered east of Parnell on Hebert Street. I had seen some brick theft victims before in this area, but I stumbled across yet another street whose destruction seems to be a foregone conclusion. Much like the two blocks of Warren and Montgomery Streets fell to theft last year, I am afraid that the same will happen on this block of Hebert.Something about how the interior walls of houses stay standing always amazes me; these houses were built sturdy.I thought the house below was a real stunner, but something about the weird lean of the top story confused me.Sadly, I realized the lean was caused by the destruction of the side wall, which can be seen lying in pieces in the gangway between the houses.But, hey, it's not like the thieves have anything to worry about; not enough people care up this way to do anything, it can seem. When your leaders have already been bought, I can see how people begin to give up hope. Below is a fire hydrant, gushing water, and nobody was doing anything about it. I finally called it in to the Police. I seriously wonder how long it had been going.

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