Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Far North County Adventures

I recently had the opportunity to view some interesting sights in the far northern reaches of St. Louis County. Starting off above is a picture of the terminus of Bubblehead Road, a local legend among teenagers in North County. Below is Pelican Island, located in Sioux Passage County Park; when the water is low you can walk out to the island from the mainland.Located far off in the distance, the Porage des Sioux Power Plant looms over the bottomlands along the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers.I had never been this far up into North County in over twenty years, and I have no memory of the area except for the County Park. Much of the area is still rural, as this shot along Sinks Road illustrates. Sinks Road takes its name from the "sinks," a geologic formation in northern St. Louis County. A few years back someone built some houses on top of these famous sinkholes, and the houses, well, sank.Finally, it becomes apparent that McMansion construction has not spared this corner of St. Louis County, as this monstrosity nestled in the valley illustrates.If you have the time, take Old Halls Ferry Road north and tour one of the last rural areas of the St. Louis area.


  1. I lived out in this area during the early 1970s. My mother was born and raised in Soulard, so when she was brought out HERE, she felt like she'd left the planet!

    There actually has been quite a bit of McMansion creep in this area over the last 15 years. Every time we tour the area it's a chain of "That used to be a farmer's field....that used to be woods....that used to be...."

    But you're right that, in general, it's still pretty rural. Fingers crossed it stays that way!

  2. I live a mile away from Sioux Passage Park, and I remember growing up being scared of the Bubbleheads. I never ventured over to where they lived, but I had friends that did. What a weird urban legend - haven't thought about it in years!

    And speaking of McMansions, Cedric the Entertainer's Mom is said to live on Vaile Rd, close to Sioux Passage Park.


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