Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bellerive Park

Ever wonder what that majestic bridge stretching over South Broadway in Carondelet is for? It is one section of what was to be a glorious "Kingshighway System" of dramatic boulevards that stretched around the entire city, before the interstate highway system put such plans to rest. Small portions of the entire parkway system were actually built, such as Christy Blvd and Bellerive Blvd in Carondelet.At the terminus of Bellerive Blvd is an amazing Renaissance Revival pavilion that overlooks the Mississippi River from high above on the bluffs.
Looking south, you can just see the Jefferson Barracks Bridge, miles to the south.Looking to the north, you can see the Cahokia Power Plant in the distance, as well as much of downtown.

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  1. Do you have any planning documents that show where this boulevard system was supposed to go? Between O'Fallon, Fairgrounds, Forest, Tower Grove, and Carondolet Parks, I imagine.

    It would be a fun group bike ride to re-trace it.


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