Monday, May 18, 2009

Irresponsible Maintenance and Neglect at the San Luis

The deterioration of the San Luis Apartments has accelerated, as the Archdiocese continues to sit on the property. Regardless of what you think of the hotel's merits, the lack of concern for following city ordinances is appalling.The building's interior hallways appear to be strewn with garbage, and have undoubtedly been left exposed to the elements due to open windows.In an attempt to strip the San Luis of its identity, the sign on the side and on the awnings have been ripped off, leaving blue fabric flapping ingloriously in the wind. It just looks awful.Likewise, I love this attractive nuisance; I can just see the news reports of a child drowning in this attractive nuisance. Not to mention all of the mosquitoes that will be happy to hatch in this cesspool.And finally, just a small sampling of the several dozen open or broken windows at various points around the hotel.


  1. The condition is really not worse than it was a year ago. The issues that you outline are minor and reversible. This building is brimming with potential!

  2. It's good you point out the archdiocese's neglect, yet the building remains in excellent condition for rehab especially with potential historic tax credits.

  3. That's my whole point; they're minor and easily fixed. Someone literally only has to walk around and close the vast majority of the windows BEFORE they crack from being blown around in the wind. Broken windows are not minor in my opinion; look what happened to Blairmont properties with open windows. Mold and animals soon follow.


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