Monday, January 12, 2009

Carondelet Coke

Carondelet Coke is in its final days as a ruin. Partially demolished, it is sitting in limbo, right on the edge of Carondelet and sitting somewhere in the realm of here and nowhere. From seeing friends' pictures, Carondelet Coke was much more impressive, and to be honest, at this stage of demolition, it is very depressing.It clearly is a place for teenager hoedowns, as the empty beer cans and still smoldering fire from the previous night's festivities can attest.I hope they save the smokestack; they have a way of become icons of the cityscape in the same way skyscrapers or church steeples do.Make it out to Carondelet Coke before it's completely gone, which is going to be very soon.Here is an aerial shot, and here are links at Ecology of Absence to much better pictures than mine from when the ruins were at their prime.

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