Monday, December 22, 2008

Frenchtown, LaSalle Park, Whatever It's Called

I don't think I can find a more butchered area of South St. Louis than the area around Purina along 12th Street (Tucker Blvd). Once known as Frenchtown, the area is a strange mix of beautiful homes, public housing that will have to be torn down (again) in twenty years, and interstates, lots and lots of interstates.But I'm being negative; what is left is certainly enough for an inspired in-fill project to create what St. Louis lacks so badly--a normal neighborhood within walking distance of Downtown. Chicago, Washington, New York, Philadelphia and even Baltimore all have strong, middle class neighborhoods a five minute walk from their downtowns.Why can't St. Louis? It will take real leadership, the rethinking of interstates and their roles in the central city, and more importantly, a break away from suburban style trash that is popping up all over the city.

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  1. Hi, Chris. I live up in Hannibal, MO. A friend from Quincy, IL keeps me updated on your posts. I wish she would comment, but since she doesn't I will.

    I've enjoyed your photos of areas I might not ever see in the St. Louis area. Keep up the good work!


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