Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fountain Park

I realized I hadn't been out to take pictures in three weeks, so I headed up to Fountain Park to finally see a unique spot of St. Louis that I had heard about from other people. The fountain is actually smaller than I thought, and the intersection of Euclid and Fountain was largely desolate the day I went by.The houses are nice, with some abandonment, but overall the effect is formed not by one single house but all the houses around the park together.I wonder if it wouldn't be possible to return some portion of the absurdly large blacktop area at both ends back to greenspace.And finally, the unique castle building that anchors one end of the park on the east. Why this can't be restored is beyond me; is there really no market for a sidewalk cafe in this part of the city?See an aerial view of the park here.

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