Friday, September 12, 2008

Grand View Apartments

I remember these two apartment towers from when I first moved to St. Louis in 1985. Probably what is most striking are the large medallions anchored high up the side of the one tower. The taller tower has a fascinating abstract pattern that arches its way up the east side of the building. It is infamous nowadays in that the brick has been falling off the facade for a couple of years now.It is a great example for my students to illustrate how the walls of skyscrapers don't bear the weight of the structure, but rather the steel skeleton.The whole complex exudes a funky 1960's Modernist feel, and it is even plopped right down in the middle of Highway 40, Forest Park Parkway and Grand Blvd.The mostly disable residents of the building are basically stranded in this small island of Modernist apartments.Below is one of the great, funky medallions high on the side of the building.

Below is the infamous wall of the falling brick facade.

Down below is an empty commercial wing, presumably originally designed for the residents of the complex, but now completely vacant and apparently awaiting rehabbing.

See the complex from the air here. What a great example of Modernist superblock urban planning sucking the life out of the center of what was once the Mill Creek Valley.

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