Tuesday, May 13, 2008

St. Stanislaus

Having survived the demolition of Pruitt-Igoe and apparent eternal damnation, it comes as a surprise that the parishioners decided to "pull the plug" on their venerable school next door to their parish church.Or perhaps it's not surprising at all; while I am not going to get into theological issues, I do greatly respect that the church has stuck it out, even when buildings were literally collapsing around them.But to be honest, there's something a bit too suburban about the whole place, surrounded by iron fencing (which is understandable, considering the neighborhood) and some very ugly "cultural center" buildings behind the church.To be honest, the church, while technically being able to boast about staying close to their "roots," has pretty much physically turned its back on the city around it.Yes, I know, the school had sat unused for decades, but it wasn't hurting anybody, was it?


  1. (which is understandable, considering the neighborhood)

    Could you clarify this statement?

  2. There are wild, carnivorous woodland animals living in the Pruitt-Igoe forest, aren't there? I wouldn't want to come out of Mass and face a grizzly bear.


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