Monday, May 26, 2008

Kahoka, Missouri

Proceeding into Missouri, the county seat of Clark County, Kahoka, features what must be a very, very old courthouse--perhaps dating to before the Civil War.The courthouse is brick, with a stucco veneer that is flaking off very badly in the back (not shown)
Regardless, I definitely want to find out more about this building.What is very fascinating is that the courthouse sits around the corner from the town square; most Midwestern county seats I know of always feature the courthouse in the middle. Instead, Kahoka's main square has only a bandstand (not pictured). The old hotel on the square is a fascinating example of pressed tin store fronts.Update: I was totally wrong; it's actually from 1871.


  1. Just learned the 1871 Clark County Courthouse is being razed.

  2. Thanks for the info; doesn't seem like I'll get a chance to get up there before it's gone.


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