Wednesday, February 27, 2008

St. Mary's Infirmary

While St. Mary's Infirmary has been heavily photographed and documented at other sites (and much more adeptly than me) I thought I would post a couple of pictures that I snapped while driving by one day.What is striking about this building is that it is hiding in plain view, so to speak. It sits right in the middle of a parking lot, and within throwing distance of Lafayette Square.Regardless, it should be restored, not just to stop the complete demolition of all historic structures south of I-64 and north of Chouteau, but because it would be a great adaptive reuse of an historic structure.Here is a bird's eye view of the old hospital. As it sits for now, devoid of development, one can only wonder what will become of it.


  1. I really hope this one will be renovated at some point soon. There's enough vacant land around it on Chouteau that perhaps it could spur some additional development as well.

  2. It is amazing how much a building can decay in four years... I was over there exploring the other day... such bad shape...


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