Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Old Open Air Shopping Malls

I am hoping that maybe someone out there can help me with something. I am searching for old photos of Northwest Plaza and Crestwood Mall before they were enclosed in the 1980's. Also, I would love pictures of any malls in St. Louis that depict their original interior decorations, which have gone the way of the dinosaur in so many local malls (remember those funky stainless steel sculptures at Chesterfield?).

I've discovered that there is better photographic documentation of the 1860's than the 1960's in published books and journals.


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  1. i might not have pictures, but we recently found some video of when we were kids doing some community event in Chesterfield mall. I remember the sculptures well, and some funky post-modern fountain in what was kind of the city sqaure of that mall (now occupied by an orange julius perma-cart)


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