Friday, May 18, 2012

Stacy Park/Reservoir

Few people passing by on Olive Street Road in Creve Coeur realize they're passing a 100 million gallon reservoir for the City of St. Louis.
Built in conjunction with the Howard Bend Treatment Plant in the early 20th Century, the reservoir received water pumped uphill from the plant, and then gravity took the water downhill to the city.
There are a couple of interesting buildings around the site, and interestingly, I did not see a single sign stating the purpose of the structure. If you look at Google maps, you can see there is a right-of-way going east from the reservoir that is probably the path of the water pipe.


  1. This is Olive @ Warson, right? I drive by here every day. I knew it was a reservoir but not how large. I've been in the park but never checked out the buildings. However, isn't it called Stacy Park? Also, it's just Olive Blvd. AFAIK only the two little segments that shoot off on either side of Lindbergh are called (Old) Olive Street Road.

  2. Tom Maher - KirkwoodMay 18, 2012 at 2:50 PM

    It is interesting that the cover on the reservoir has huge letters stating "DANGER KEEP OFF." Presumably that is a warning to helicopters, hot air balloons, and NCC-1701?
    The city of Olivette operates the park which surrounds the reservoir on two sides.


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