Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Vanished North Side and County Institutions

Famous St. Louis institutions are what make the city unique. Sadly, many of those institutions are fading, one by one. Rinderer's Drugs, long an institution in North City and North County, recently announced its sale to Shop N Save.The Top of the Tower Restaurant, long closed, still retains its sign atop the circular apartment building that it called home. Read more about it here.And finally, while many people might not consider it an institution since it was a national chain, Children's Palace still maintains a place in my heart as the purchasing location of most of my toys in my childhood. Sadly, just the like the one in Manchester, the one on Hall's Ferry is still sitting largely neglected and empty, over twenty years since the original store closed. Perhaps that was part of the problem: having stores no one could get to easily or were slightly off the beaten path.

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