Thursday, September 30, 2010

City of St. Louis Lawn Care Company

Tired of mowing your lawn, or cutting down the pesky volunteer trees? Call 1-800-STL-LAWN and the City of St. Louis will be happy to provide all of your lawn care needs!
But seriously, I was shocked to see a large lot at the northwest corner of Parnell and St. Louis Ave had been cleared of all of its amazingly dense underbrush. I asked a nearby barbeque stand proprietor, and she stated that the City of St. Louis had come out and cleared it in the last two weeks. It is owned by Northside Regeneration, of course.The abandoned gas station sits in desolation, still showing the signs of the fatal fire that occurred here over two years ago.I'm not a big fan of demolition, but doesn't this decrepit, non-contributing building seem like a good candidate for removal?

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