Monday, April 19, 2010

St. Mary's Concordia Hall Facing the Wrecking Ball, Clayton

Having learned about the impending demolition of the historic Concordia Hall at Vanishing St. Louis, I rushed over on Friday to get some pictures. Demolition was well underway, and with an apparent gusto.I like this building; it's simple, but elegant, and even the damage caused already by Ahrens Demolition can't hide it simple, beautiful design.The little coat of arms, made out of colored brick, is a nice touch. Sadly, it will be gone soon.Ahrens men stand around admiring their colleagues' handiwork. One thing that is surprising about the demolition is the distance the wrecking ball was being swung out over Clayton Road. While demolishing the San Luis, they were much more conservative with their swings.Below are two videos of the destruction; the first one shows how quickly the poor building is coming down, and the second one show the headache ball stuck in the roof of the building.

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