Thursday, February 4, 2010


In Search of Cragwold continues to be my most popular post on Saint Louis Patina, judging by number of comments. Just this week, I received another informative comment that sheds more light on the story of this fascinating house. Just goes to show the Lemp family is alive and well both biologically and in the common memory of St. Louisans.


  1. its something that will never die. next time dont be shy and go into the lot of the old brewey. you can do that you know.

  2. I have actually, and you just reminded me I have pictures I forgot to post of it.

  3. Not sure if you were aware, but Cragwold was recently listed on the NRHP. There is a ton of info and some nice pictures on the nomination form.

    I found this out through the flickr account for the National Register

    The link to the NRHP was from a wikipedia entry for Cragwold which someone recently created


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