Saturday, January 5, 2008

McKinley Bridge

Haven't gotten a chance to drive across the newly restored McKinley Bridge? Now you can! Also, read about the bridge at Bridge Hunter.


  1. Off topic, but while waiting to pick someone up at the Greyhound station at Cass and 13th when in the Lou for vacation, I saw the entrance to that old rail tunnel that you'd like to see put back to use (the Tucker street tunnel). It's a sad but interesting neighborhood.

    The tracks that lead down into the tunnel are still in the street going up Hadley and there appear to be some sort of infrastructure over the road... old supports for crossing signs possibly.

  2. I wonder if you were seeing the electricity poles/apparati for the old railroad. It was apparently powered by overheard wires.

  3. That could be. They looked like small steel trusses, currently painted black. I could see them being used to suspend electrical cables down the street.


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